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Deployment with FEMA into the region - weather tracker and disaster response/rescue team

The Tangent Edge Disaster response team has been mobilized to respond into the region where tropical storm Sandy meets the massive incoming cold front. The weather continues to be an uncertainty but the weather tracking of West Georgia Weather is monitoring all activities and is deploying their command center. Our targented staging area is currently Virginia but will depend on the FEMA model. Contractors moving into the region must be prepared to meet two different environments of snow and flooding. The first aid station will be established by Tangent Edge and will coincide with Red Cross.

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Comment by Bridget Shoemake on November 5, 2012 at 10:59am

Update: Our teams are now located in Tucker County, WV providing a variety of services in coordination with the Tucker County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), National Guard, local EMS services and volunteers. Teams have been clearing roadways and parking lots as well as assisting local residents with driveway clearing. One team cleared four feet of snow from the roof of a local business in Davis, which was already sagging from the weight of the snow. The weather team is evaluating local weather conditions to provide residents with immediate and timely reporting. Teams have also assisted in delivering food and prescriptions to those unable to leave their homes. Tangent Edge and the Davis Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) Station 20 have been performing home health and wellness checks for local residents. A medical aid station is available at Station 20 and staffed by local Dr. Ed Raider and EMS personnel from Tangent Edge. We also have a team available with thermal imaging cameras which can assess structural damage quickly and accurately to submit to insurance companies and FEMA.

Comment by Steve on November 5, 2012 at 4:42pm

We're proud of you guys and girls.  Keep up the great work and stay safe!

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