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Congratulations Class 0511-Branson and 0511-Atlanta!

WOW! Two M-TAC courses in May!  We had a strong and determined group out of Missouri who braved the flooded and frigid Table Rock Lake, maneuvered through the tourist filled city of Branson to complete assignments without causing disruption.  They set up a forward medical station and assisted the Ozark Militia to protect a U.S. tourist towns infrastructure from 4th and 5th generation warfare.  Great job guys, you are solid!


The next group of students came to Hotlanta from different backgrounds and regions in the 90 degree Georgia heat!  The team pushed through the "Valley of Hell" evacuating a patient then fought through the parking deck of horrors while treating multiple patients along the way under heavy fire.  Alpha Team was attached to a Homeland Security detail as there were numerous operatives down in the field searching for a weapon of mass destruction located somewhere in Austell. This device was to be placed on a train headed for downtown Atlanta, unless the team could located and disarm it before it left the area. Alpha Team's diversities melded into one solid element successfully locating and treating the downed operatives, then locating and disarming the device. 


Congratulations to both groups and welcome to the community!



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