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Congrats to Connie! 24 hour Tour d'spirit 136 miles!

If you haven't met Connie, and you will, she is a force unlike any other.  She is demure but becomes ferocious in battle.  A force of nature, untamed by landscape or man.  An iron will dominated by a poetic beauty.  A passion seen in her eyes and echoed in her soul.  A physical and mental toughness that is unbreakable.  This little lady is on a journey of miles. 

Connie doesn't train like the masses.  She is capable beyond comprehension.  A notice is too early of an indicator for her to do something.  A whim more adequately fits.  On a whim she entered the 24 hour Tour d'Spirit towards the Haiti medical mission benefit.  On a whim, in the next 24 hours, Connie ran 136 miles!

The miles did not come without a price.  The price that was exacted from her was to do this run in the bitter, cold rain.  A rain that fell and grew colder as the event wore on.  The starting temperature was in the 80s but dropped into the low 40s.  When all was said and done, Connie was amoung the few elite atheletes that pushed through personal pain, weather and terrain!

Congratulations Connie!!

May the wings of Mercury remain on your feet!

Without Equal, A Class of 1 

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