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Mule Train Medic

I had an opportunity to spend 2 days on a Mule train which traveled a distance of around 80 miles. I joined them on the last 2 days and did 39 miles with them. They didn't ask for a Med Tech and I didn't treat anyone for any thing but one lady who had an Insulin pump also got stepped on by a draft mule, which are the big ones. I did keep the older folks on the trip drinking in the record heat. Country folks are seriously tuff. I grew up with these kind of folks and had a blast even at 4 MPH.… Continue

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CERT + Wilderness

We've just completed our 6th CERT training this year. Today I added some more of the skills and info I learned in the Wilderness course. Each of the 33 participants really liked the equation, 3 is 2, 2 is 1, 1 is none. They also liked learning all the tricks you can do with 1 piece of 10' webbing.

The wilderness course is going to continue contributing to our CERT program. We hope to have 1000 folks trained in our county by years end. In the photo, I'm showing them how to hike out a…


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Camp Medic

I just returned from a 4 day JR high church camp where I served as volunteer medicine man. I remembered my Wilderness EMT/ninja training, 'If you don't bring it with you, you don't have it' & 3 is 2, 2 is 1, 1 is none.

On Sat, June 4th, we were a mile from the retreat grounds having outside field events. I had a team leader come to me with what she said was a 'Broken hand'. I don't think it was but she said it hurt so I splinted it. I improvised a Sam splint that I threw into my…


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Wilderness Skills used in Joplin, MO

As a CERT director, I took a strike team to Joplin, MO last week to help with SAR.

When standing at the map for deployment orders, the Marine Major in charge asked what skills we had. I said Wilderness EMT, He said, 'You are the lead, take these 34 people and git r done'.

I lead those 4 teams into and eventually out of the woods. A team just ahead of our group found another cadaver.

Thanks again guys for the training. I didn't know it would be used so soon for such a…


Added by Ed Hultgren on May 28, 2011 at 4:10pm — 3 Comments

Wilderness Medic class 511

Congratulations to the class of 511.  Many miles, blisters, exposures, rampant snakes (anacondas), ticks, more weight, goofy smiles and greater laughs lead to a very rich experience in the Ozarks.  The exceptional exertion, high intellect, team consensus and fantastic morale made class 511 stand out as a cut above the rest!  Outstanding job and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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An American Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep, one less terrorist this world does keep. With all my heart I give my thanks, to those in uniform regardless of ranks. You serve our country and serve it well, with humble hearts your stories tell. So as I rest my weary eyes, while freedom rings our flag still flies. You give your all, do what you must...with GOD WE LIVE and GOD WE TRUST.



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SEAL Team Six!!!!!!!!!!

Our hats off to the warriors that executed a mission that was long over due!  Our hats off to the Commander in Chief, President Obama for the executive decision on a politically sensitive assault over foreign soil!  Our hats off to the intelligence community providing actionable intelligence and forming the needed alliance!  Our hats off to America!  May your brave warriors return to their home soil for a job well done!  God Speed!

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What do you think?

A line is drawn in the sand

Waiting for the executive, the outcome to unravel

For a decision made in the backwaters, where the night is pitched

And the jungle’s canopy, three layers thick

The din shakes the core, as the masses screams

The legions are many

Shaping the west phalanx

Covered in a glistening armor, the group holds their ground

The dynamic general imposes and the wings let fly

Girls, the 4, Speak

Who has the…


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Tangent Edge Japan

Tangent Edge's advance party is on the ground in Japan.  As they begin the dialogue with key leaders and officials, Tangent Edge stateside is in operation for sustained support.  We will continue to post updates and ramp up for deployment.

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Congratulations Class 1010

Congratulations to Class 1010! Once again, we rolled into A town and migrated to little A town. The class went through it's pace and found a host of craziness waiting for them. Drug CZARS, drug lords, girls, girls, girls, yakuza, real blood, weird feet, water, line dancing, airplanes and other assorted goodies. With that said, how can you not come to class. The cadre does things no other tactical medic classes dares and drags the students along with them. What a fun ride! With that said,… Continue

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Congratulations Antny

A very LOUD shout out goes to Antny. Congratulations to Antny, recipient, Medal of Valor. For actions above and beyond the call of duty, September 21, 2009. In the moving currents of the flood waters, Antny at great risk, went into harms way and saved the lives of victims and his team. Through great effort, courage and tenacity, Antny was able to rescue the victims and his team while being submerged by the force of the swift water.… Continue

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Tangent Edge 2011 first quarter schedule

We have been busy as of late and the pace will begin fast and furious like. For 2011, we will be in Daytona Florida on January 19-22, 2011. In February, Tactical Medic Class in Branson, Missouri. In March, Wilderness Medicine in Branson, Missouri. In April, Tactical Medic Class in Atlanta, GA.

For Team Oynx; ramping up for deployment. Those members must attend all specialized training in order to go downrange. Shots and medical packet must be complete.

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Congratulations Class 910

Congratulations to Class 910! Once again, another excellent group with exceptional qualities. A very memorable group from their genuine character to outspoken charm. This particular group achieved legendary status by the time they hit the 24 hours of Adrenalin Scenario. The word was out about the tactical medic students that went hand to hand, swam the frigid waters of lake Taneycoumo, scaled the cliffs and evacuated a patient over two miles of grueling terrain! The incumbent tactical medics… Continue

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Emergency Dentistry Guide

The Emergency Dentistry Guide written by Met Clark is now available on lulu.com in an immediate download format or eBook. The Emergency Dentistry Guide is also available on the apple apps. and the Amazon kindle viewer. The cost for the guide is a mere $5.00 and covers dental anatomy, ART, tooth extractions, nerve blocks, medications, trauma, inflammations, infections and dental kits. For those who wish to get a hard copy of the book, will have to wait a few months. This book is the second… Continue

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Met Clark, Vice President of DT4EMS

For those of you who remember one of the native sons of Tangent Edge, Met has accepted his new post as Vice President of DT4EMS. Met has agreed to stay on with us and maintain a dialogue with Tangent Edge. We at Tangent Edge congratulate Met for his efforts and wish him good luck and god speed!

And for those who remember his project of book writing, Met will be finally releasing his "Dental… Continue

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Team Leaders

Our operation tempo is extremely high this month and the next, and information is crucial to mission success. The next 2 months will find us in 4 different states conducting various operations and training evolutions for clients and team members. Those of you who are involved in work for clients, refer to commander's intent for that operational protocol. For those that are conducting training evolutions, safety is the responsibility of all team members, civilians and clients. After Action… Continue

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Morehouse School of Medicine

Congratulations to Class 610!

We would like to say thank you to Morehouse School of Medicine for playing host to the tactical medicine course. Class 610 performed brilliantly under duress of some very long hours and temperature of the mid 90's. Class 610 strove at all hours to maintain peak performance.

We are honored to have been given this opportunity to teach such dedicated individuals in Hotlanta!

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Mississippi Police Chiefs Conference

We would like to thank the ONS Group, Team Glock and the Mississippi Police Chiefs for a great conference! For those of you who don't know, the ONS Group is James Bond on steroids. We would like to stress our undying support to the ONS Group and hope that everyone will stop by and visit them. They have great covert surveillance gadgets and soon to be released courses. We are looking forward to working with them. Welcome to the ONS Group!!

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EVE link


Hit this link to view the EVE coverage with Dagmar Midcap. Air date 18 May 2010. Look for self defense for women in the videos

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Dagmar Midcap

Dagmar Midcap's filming of self defense for women should air Monday 17 or Tuesday 18 at 4 pm on CBS Atlanta. The video will also be posted on the CBS website and ours. Cheers!

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