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New Tactical Range/Training


A friend of mine, who previously served with the Rangers, is starting his own tactical style range and training.

Perhaps the location would be good for live fire exercises.

His name is Jim Ross, and his website is:


Live the Ranger Creed




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Direct Fight Against Terrorism!

Way to Go!!!! Good job to all agencies and law enforcement agencies in Boston in their direct fight against terrorism!!

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West Georgia Weather is Incorporated.

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West Georgia Weather to INC.

Great News everyone West Georgia Weather is Moving on up and i want to take time to thank each and everyone that has helped west Georgia weather and Supporting what we do. If you don't Dream it, It was never a Dream and it has come true with all the Amazing support from Tangent Edge.


Chris Metcalfe…


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Standup Paddleboard Rescue Class 2013 Southeast Tour

The new Standup Paddleboard class and Swift water training takes flight starting late winter of 2013. This class is offered to civilians to promote self rescue and buddy rescue, to life guards and to the fire rescue community as another rescue methodology that supplements or augments swift water rescue. The civilian course is a two day course with introduction, skills, water rescue for self and buddy and integration into assisting local resources as needed during floods. The extension…


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Deployment with FEMA into the region - weather tracker and disaster response/rescue team

The Tangent Edge Disaster response team has been mobilized to respond into the region where tropical storm Sandy meets the massive incoming cold front. The weather continues to be an uncertainty but the weather tracking of West Georgia Weather is monitoring all activities and is deploying their command center. Our targented staging area is currently Virginia but will depend on the FEMA model. Contractors moving into the region must be prepared to meet two different environments of snow and…


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Readers Digest 1.618

Readers Digest 1.618

Added by Diamond on October 23, 2012 at 12:23pm — 1 Comment

Congrats to Connie! 24 hour Tour d'spirit 136 miles!

If you haven't met Connie, and you will, she is a force unlike any other.  She is demure but becomes ferocious in battle.  A force of nature, untamed by landscape or man.  An iron will dominated by a poetic beauty.  A passion seen in her eyes and echoed in her soul.  A physical and mental toughness that is unbreakable.  This little lady is on a journey of miles. 

Connie doesn't train like the masses.  She is capable beyond comprehension.  A notice is too early of an indicator for her…


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Met Clark on tour

Met Clark will be on a book tour.  His works will be available and the author will be on hand to meet and greet the public as well as to answer questions.  The tour begins In Decatur, GA to Austin, TX to Miami, Florida and then onto Dubai before the international dental community. 

The Emergency Dentistry Handbook is sold online at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Paladin Press and Tru Prep in Kindle format and paperback.  In store sales: Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, The Survival…


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The Art of SWAT by Met Clark

Everybody has been waiting for the second installment into the SWAT trilogy by Met Clark.  It is available in an ePub for a limited time.  The book is called "The Art of SWAT"  and is available at Lulu.com for $15.00.  The third installment will be released soon.  For those of you who have been following Met over the past few years, have seen the rise of a man on a mission.  The breed continues to improve under his guidance and those of us who have been lucky to be trained or work with him,…


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Congratulations tactical medic class 412!

Congratulations to Tactical Medic Class 412!  The class of 412 may have had it's bumps and bruises, but they found their tempo and moved on to continue the proud tradition of sacrifice and self reliance.  The SWAT environment is a dangerous environment filled with ballistics, blasts and pains.  Everyone must endure the hardship to ensure the highest survivability of the SWAT officer, the public trust and themselves.  The students of 412 should be proud of their accomplishments and god speed…


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Wildland Firefighter training

See event listing for details.  This class is mandatory for March deployment.  If you recieved a notification.  Select the best dates to accomodate your schedule. 

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Congratulations Wilderness Medic Class 1011

The wilderness medic class perform to the highest standard and traditions.  Long walks in the Ozarks, lounging in a cool day spa, watching the leaves fall as the autumn sets in, helping maidens in distress and other events that made it a joyous time thereby setting the tone for the coming holidays.  The coveted wilderness medic shirts now adorn the newest addition to the Tangent Edge alumni.  Fantastic job for going the distance and more so, moving past their personal pains to execute as a…


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Congratulations Tactical Medic Class 1011

Congratulations to Tactical Medic Class 1011 for an outstanding job!  Keeping in line with the tradition of the Tangent Edge alumni, the class entered into legendary status for meeting the challenges of the bluffs, the school of terror, cold mountain water immersion and numerous other events that would leave lesser people in the dust.  Tangent Edge proudly boasts the most robust alumni that dares.  Once again, Congratulations for a job well done!

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Tactical Medic training, Branson, MO

I very much enjoyed our course. It is great to learn how to do new things, even better to gain enough confidence to perform those new skills in the dark under fire. Thanks guys for making me a better and more competent EMT.

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You know who you are Mr. Dementia

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Met Clark at Athens Georgia

Met Clark will be appearing at The Athens Classic Center for his book release of "Emergency Dentistry Handbook".  Met has fast become not only a force to be reckoned with, but a noted authority figure in many disciplines.  As time passes by, Met has become more and more scarce around the Tangent Edge community but his presence can still be felt.  Any rare moments to meet with him is a golden opportunity to see into a meticulous mind at work and the vision he strives to achieve, "Improving…


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Professional MMA comes to Tangent Edge and DT4EMS

The Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission has granted license for Professional Mixed Martial Arts trainer to Met Clark for the sole purpose of promoting MMA to public safety and hospital providers.  This makes Tangent Edge and DT4EMS the FIRST (2) and ONLY companies providing training at such an elite level to the people who risk the most on a daily basis.  Tangent Edge and DT4EMS are the ONLY Pro level MMA trainers, specifically for… Continue

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How to spot a fake spy!!!

See the forum.  Thread is open for discussion.  All input is welcome.

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Effects On A Patient During MED EVAC (Air Ambulance) Operations

Ever had the discomfort of your ears popping due to altitude changes on a plane? Imagine if you are injured and must be transported via MED EVAC (Air Ambulance). These effects can be relatively minor or can dramatically impact the comfort of the patient depending on the injuries, altitude, and air medical environment even though the aircraft may be pressurized. Other aircraft conditions impacting patient comfort could include decreased humidity, changes in gravity (dependent on the…


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